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Your diabetes monitoring requires continuous care as well as vigilance. Spring is symbolic for renewal and regrowth, so it’s the ideal time to revisit your long term health plan and also ensure you’re doing all that you can to stay healthy. Some time diabetics end up with too many new boxes of diabetic test strips. Did you know that you can get cash for test strips?

How to Spring Clean Your Diabetes Management Routine

Again, as part of the beginning of spring, it’s the best time to look over your daily routines. Below are a few tips;

1. Count Your Diabetes Supplies

From test strips to blood glucose meters, there are numerous diabetes products that you need to keep around your home. Much like spring cleaning in your home, spend some time to review your equipment to guarantee all products are in functional order. If you discover a medicine or other medical consumables are expired, discard it as well as change it out with a new one. Check into upgrading your screening meter to ensure you receive accurate results.

2. Get Organized

Once you have ensured that you’re well-stocked, make all your products easily accessible and also very easy to find. A tablet box that allows you to track each day’s pill will minimize errors as well as make your medicine routine far more hassle-free. Likewise ask your medical professional about the proper storage space conditions for your things. Insulin might last much longer when kept in the fridge, for instance. All various other equipment must normally be kept in a cool, completely dry setting.

3. Plan for Trip

If you’re travelling this summer, be proactive in your preparation. If you’re traveling via the airways, make sure you have copies of your prescriptions so you can easily take your medications with you on board. Order an unique dish for the flight, or being with you your very own healthy and balanced treats. Prepare to bring a minimum of twice the quantity of medicine you assume you’ll require, just to be secure. Bring your doctor’s contact details in case you require a prescription called in while you’re away. If you’ll be going abroad, brush up on useful phrases as well as medical emergency procedures for the nation you’ll be visiting.

Cash for Test Strips

At Indiana Cash for Strips, we buy your extra and unwanted test strips. Some times test strips pile up and over half of them go to waste. Why let them go to waste when you can turn them into cash? Call today for a quote at 260-255-6140


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