Diabetic Test Strips Indiana


Diabetic Test Strips Indiana

For Cash
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WE PAY UP TO $40 a box in Indiana if the test strips meet our 4 requirements.

Our 4 requirements are:

1. Sealed in the box
2. At least 12 months before expiration (we’ll buy them under that but not at full price)
3. Box condition matters. We cannot buy damaged, marked or torn boxes. No tears or tears unfortunately. 
4. For shipping, we have a minimum of 2 boxes of 100, or 4 boxes of 50 counts.

Here is a list of the strips we buy:

Touch Ultra 100
One Touch
Ulta 50 retail
One Touch
Ulta m/o, DME
One Touch
Ultra 25 ct retail
Lite 100 retail
Lite 50 ct retail
Lite  NFR/ INST  50 count
Contour 100
contour 50
retail (7080)
Contour next
100 count
Contour next
50 count (7311)
Freestyle 50
freestyle 100
Aviva Plus 50
count retail
Aviva Plus
100 ct
Aviva plus 50
Smartview 50
count retail
Smartview 100
count retail
Smartview 50
count M/O
Verio 100 ct
Verio  50 ct retail
Verio 50
Contour 50 ct
Contour Next
50 ct DME/MO
True Metrix
100 retail(black box)

Indiana Cash for Strips is family owned business who loves developing new customers in the Hoosier State of Indiana.

Strips should be 50 or 100 count boxes, sealed, and like New. We cannot buy boxes that are crushed, with tears, or markings.

FREE 2 Day Shipping, On us

Ship unused strips to us, FREE! We will purchase a 1-3 priority shipping label and email it to you or place it in the box. Ship the strip and get fast Cash by Check or Paypal Deposit! (with 48 hours of receiving product).

Simply text and or call Ralph @ (260) 255-6140 and ask for a prepaid USPS Priority Mail label. AT NOT COST to you. Or if it’s easier, we can just add $7.00 and you can ship them to us.

The Only Payment Options: PayPal or Check.

We are willing to pay you via PayPal (highly recommended), because they guarantee the purchase. If you do not have a PayPal account, consider signing up for one. There is no cost to have a PayPal account, but they charge the buyer (us) a small fee at a percentage of the amount for the sale.

If you do not want to use PayPal, we can also send a check, but only after we receive the strips, verify content and condition. We’ve done this thousands of times, and we RARELY have any issue, as we are a professional company that has one goal; to keep your business.

The Safest, Most Secure Way to Sell Diabetic Test Strips
Stop throwing away unused Diabetic Test Strips. Indianacash4strips.com makes it easy to sell diabetic test strips online, as a trusted source, every time. If you live in Indiana, then please keep business in Indiana. Consider switching to us.

If you live near Fort Wayne, call or text Ralph, 260-255-6140. Set up a time and place that is convenient for you and we can exchange our cash for your strips. No shipping required. For our regular customers, we offer direct pickup from your home.

Then, we can get them into the hands of diabetics who could use them, if it wasn’t for programs like this, a lot of diabetic test strips would end up expiring in the drawer or get thrown out. Thank you for helping us prevent waste.

Our goal is to prevent waste, and to put cash in your hands, in the shortest time frame possible. We believe in building good ol’ relationships with our customers.

We will ship you an empty box, with a prepaid label inside. All you have to do is place the test strips in the box, tape it up, and ship it to us. Within 48 hours of receiving your product, we will either cut a check or deposit cash into your Paypal account.

Don’t waste these valuable strips, when there are thousands of diabetics that can use them so why let them go to waste?

Is it legal to sell diabetic test strips?
The short answer is, yes. Test Strips are sold over the counter at most major retailers and you do not need a prescription to purchase them. The only test strips that CANNOT be sold are test strips paid for by Medicaid or Medicare.

How much do you pay for test strips?
We pay between $8 – $20 for boxes of 50 count & between $15 – $35 for boxes of 100 count. Our prices vary based on the brand of the test strips, their condition and time left to expiration.

At Indianacash4strips.com, our process is easy, hassle-free and most of all – our payments are unbeatable. Some restrictions apply.

To sell your diabetic test strips –
Visit: https://www.indianacash4strips.com
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Email: Indianacash4strips@gmail.com
Call or Text Ralph 260-255-6140