Sell Test Strips Fort Wayne

Diabetics with Extra Test Strips

Diabetics often run into the problem of having too many diabetic test supplies. As anybody who buys them understands, diabetic test strips are expensive items. Naturally it’s a good idea to not let extra diabetic test strips go to waste. If you have extra unopened, unexpired test strips boxes, you can sell test strips in Fort Wayne for cash instead of tossing them in the trash!


Why Would a Diabetic Have Extra Diabetic Test Strips?

The majority of diabetics are sensible enough to keep boxes on hand in case they run low, and may realize that they have a couple of more than they actually need. If you get boxes on a regular basis, you might discover that a surplus is starting to add up. You might have changed test strip brands, and still have a supply of the old ones sitting around that do not fit your brand-new meter. If you need to keep track of blood sugar during pregnancy, and no longer have any need to do so, it’s possible you still have test strips.  There are numerous reasons why you may have extra diabetic test strips in excellent, still-sealed, unexpired boxes that you can trade for cash, so if you live in Fort Wayne, great news, you can sell test strips today.

Is There a Local Test Strip Buyer in Fort Wayne?

Yes, Indiana Cash 4 Strips has two on-site city locations in Indiana, Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. At either location, we can meet in person and purchase your extra diabetic testing strips. Very often, repeat business will make you a valued customer who will receive special consideration when it concerns pricing your boxes. For regular customers, Indiana Cash 4 Strips will often drive to your location for pickup.

However it’s not all about the cash is it – it’s the relationship you develop with somebody you feel is genuine, and can meet in Fort Wayne quickly on the same day. We are the best choice when it comes to test strip buyer near me. Obviously you desire the most for your test strips, however you should deal with people you can trust. Can you sell them in person, or do you have to ship them? Read our Frequently Asked Question page, and Terms & Conditions so you understand what you can anticipate. Call us and speak with us in person so you can get a feel for who we are. Indiana Cash 4 Strips has been in business since 2015 and our customers have been happy to do repeat business with us. Even the customers who we purchased from at longer distances.

Extra diabetic test strip boxes certainly are of no use to anybody sitting in a garbage dump!  For more information about how easy it is to sell test strips in Fort Wayne for cash, contact us today with all your questions and we’ll give you an idea of the brand names and kinds of costs you can anticipate. Call or text Indiana Cash 4 Strips at 260-255-6140