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When to Sell Diabetic Test Strips Fort Wayne

Sell Diabetic Test Strips Fort Wayne

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it’s important to keep up-to-date with diabetic testing supplies to keep the problem under control. There are several great pharmacies in Fort Wayne, Indiana to buy your supplies. Sometimes diabetics end up with too many diabetic test strips and the question comes up “where can I sell diabetic test strips Fort Wayne?” Indiana Cash for Strips is a family owned business based out of Fort Wayne Indiana and we’ve  been in business for over 5 years. If you live in Fort Wayne, we can come to you when you’re ready to sell test strips in Fort Wayne.

4 Important Diabetic Supplies

Having supplies fully stocked and on hand is ideal to prevent shortages. However, sometimes supplies can become too much, and we can buy extra diabetic test strips from you. Below are 4 different diabetic testing supplies to keep on hand.

Glucose Surveillance Package

This package determines your blood glucose score over a duration of time so you can readjust your insulin intake, adjust nutritional options, and also exercise programs. Most meters are mobile, and also readouts typically are available within a couple of seconds. Your physician will ask for your test results throughout routine appointments.

Test Strips

Glucose testing strips are used in conjunction with your meter. You place a small amount of blood on them and put the test strip into the meter which will analyze your glucose level. The type of strips you need depends upon the brand name of equipment you purchase or was provided to you.

Insulin & Needles

You can acquire needles in bulk to save on money or trips to the pharmacy. A preferred version is a pen needle, which does not have the same bruising and unpleasant results that the hypodermic needle shot does. Insulin needs to be acquired in small bottles as well as kept in a cool area.

Diabetic Shoes

Too much glucose in the blood can damage the nerves as well as the capillary vessel systems in your feet. Diabetic footwear are created to minimize the risk of skin failure and also promote better circulation for diabetics that have pre-existing foot problems.

Sell My Test Strips

Indiana Cash for Test Strips buys only extra and unwanted test strips that would otherwise be thrown out or let expire. So if you’re ever wondering where to sell my test strips, we’ve got you covered. There is absolutely no reason to let diabetic test strips go to waste when you can earn cash from them. Call us today for a quote at 260-255-6140


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