Who buys diabetic test strips?

Who Buys Diabetic Test Strips?

Diabetes is a problem that calls for continuous monitoring. Almost every diabetic should have diabetic supplies for checking their blood sugar level. Many diabetics end up receiving a surplus of diabetic test strip. Most times the extra diabetic test strips will end up sitting in a drawer and left to expire, eventually. The reasonably short shelf life of diabetic strips often leaves diabetics having to deal with a growing collection of boxes that are unusable. So why throw away excellent boxes of diabetic test strips in the garbage?

Any individual who purchases them understands, diabetic test strips are not cheap. Did you know that there are hundreds of diabetics available who, because of reduced revenues, dealt with incomes, or absence of insurance coverage, need these products? If you have a surplus of unopened, unexpired test strips where the boxes are in excellent condition, you can sell them for fast cash rather than tossing them in the trash!


Many diabetics are sensible and store plenty of boxes in case they run low, but may realize they have a few more than they truly need. If you get boxes often, you might see them beginning to accumulate. Perhaps you are not examining as frequently as you used to. You might have varying test strip brand names, and also still have a supply of the previous brand which don’t work your brand-new meter. If you were test during pregnancy, it’s possible that you may have some boxes left over you do not know what to do with. Maybe a relative passed, or relocated into a medical care residence that currently provides their supplies, so you’re left with additional boxes on your hands. There are many reasons that you could have a stash of flawlessly great, still-sealed, unexpired boxes of diabetic test strips that you could be making money on.


Yes, if you are the legal owner of them. Anybody can buy diabetic strips, even over the counter, so as long as you acquired the strips on your own, you are free to market them. Even if your boxes are marked “mail order just” or “not for resale” you can still exchange cash – when you purchased them.

Naturally, there are some points to keep in mind. For instance, not all brand names are going to remain in demand. Boxes that have been provided by Medicare can not be sold, and no one will buy boxes that are expired, severely crushed or have damaged seals. However as long as they are a reasonably non-generic brand name, in good condition, and also have a minimum of 8 months to their expiry (although you might be able to get half price for certain brands that are running out in 3 to 6 months), after that you could be holding the cash in your hand on the same day!


Suppliers who purchase diabetic test strips are in business to earn money, however that being said: a person that needs these supplies as well as can not afford them is going to get them. Dealers will commonly accept brands they wouldn’t typically get and then donate them to shelters, or provide a percentage of their profit to diabetes associated charities. They are in business of waste prevention but also to earn money. Naturally, you want to get to know your regional diabetic test strip surplus buyer, as well as feel comfortable working with them.

Who buys diabetic test strips near me?

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